24”x36” Acrylic on Canvas

Rotary Club of Bellingham Sunrise for their 27th Annual Oyster Roast

Letting go to grow seems to motto to this blog post, and a rather ironic story. We often as humans, hold onto things putting false value, and often wonder why it is we hold onto these things? When asked to donate to the Bellingham Sunrise Rotary group, I immediately said yes. I was done limiting myself and just realized if this mission is right, then the right things will happen. Not to mention, I love what rotaries can do in a community and we have an outstanding rotary community. So, in the decision making of what to do for this piece, I went to something I looked at every day.


You see, I had this painting in my bedroom I did a while back just leaning up the wall. Not really being showcased or really given the attention it should have been given. For some reason I thought, ‘I know who this needs to go to’ and I thought of the rotary group. As I brought the painting downstairs and turned it on the back side, I noticed I wrote the name of the painting on it. It was Sunrise. To me, this was perfect alignment of what needed to happen. I had no real attachment to this painting, but felt I needed to hold onto to it for own feeling of accomplishment. I realized all I was doing was taking up space for something that needed to be someplace else. I have a feeling this is what has caused a great purge of materialistic things in my life. If you don’t use it, give to someone else who can benefit from it. Share who and what you are. Today is what you have and there are no guarantees for tomorrow. This donation was not only a donation, but a door to be free of things.

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