Dewdrops in the Garden

Dewdrops in the Garden, Framed reproduction

Women’s Professional Network for their Annual Fundraising Breakfast

I find it funny, that inspiration can lead to so many open doors… if you allow it. I found this out by donating a piece to the Women’s Professional Network in my community in November 2017. They are a wonderful group of inspiring and motivated women business professionals who are making great things happen in Whatcom County. When asked from my friend Carolyn Gill, “Kevin you know I love your art work and I am a big fan, and wonder if you have something you might consider donating to our upcoming auction?” I of course had to say yes, and had a reproduction done of the original painting from the Ripple of Positivity series. Since I donated the piece, I was asked by a number of the women who I really admire, to come and be part of their breakfast. I was of course honored to be in the company of such positivity. When I was there, I noticed the buzz around the art piece. I am not often taken back by much, but the way these women looked and studied the art piece and it that gave them emotion and feeling, was something that artists like me inspire to be. Many women who know me in a different light in our community had no idea that I even did art on any level. Of course, this got me to thinking, “Why am I wasting time with the talents I have and not using them? Why I am holding myself back?” These women saw something that I forgot to see in myself. I have found that I am inspired by powerful women and people with passion and a drive to be better and making a difference. This brought up a whole new wave of emotion and personal drive just based on one art piece. My own art was inspiring me! I was changing myself and finally asking… What is my purpose? That would soon be revealed.

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