Hope has no limits

Hope has no Limits

24”x 36” Acrylic on Canvas

Lydia Place

“You just have to grab the bull by the horns, because life won’t come to you!” This was exactly what I thinking when requesting a meeting with Shultzie and Kyle at Lydia Place in January 2018. We sat down and told them I needed to create something for them. I wanted to hear their passion and what this auction means to them. They both shared their thoughts and the theme was Love Boat but to create something I felt. Thanks, Shultzie for giving me that freedom.

Meeting with Shultzie and Kyle to get the ball rolling.


Lydia Place is an amazing place in our community and pro

vides for so many in need. They help give so much support and hope, and I wanted to relay that somehow in a piece I could create for them. Being around beaches a good portion of my life in Florida, i find the ocean is many things. It can be very scary out there, treading water when you don’t know how to swim. You have no idea what is scary creatures below you, and yet you still try to swim and stay out of the current. On the other hand, the ocean is a magical place where you can hear the sounds of waves and the freedoms you have from the air. Just letting go of it all and not worrying about anything. Finding hope in everything…. I felt that and wanted to sha

re that emotion through this art piece. Art can emote when given the right push. I pushed myself into a new area. I am not one for figures or people in my works, but felt compelled to change my own direction to the feeling of what needed to be and not what I was expected it to be. This piece was speaking to me in a different way than other pieces in the past. In my own way, there was hope and happiness.

Lesson Learned

There was sense of feeling like I had done something greater than just giving money, or attending an event, or even being on a board. I am so grateful I took the bulls by the horn on this one. I know it not only will change others’ lives, but it made mine better and brighter.


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