The Lone Drop

The Lone Drop, 36”x36” Acrylic on Canvas

Donated to Blue Skies for Children for their Annual Auction Dinner in October 2017.

The Lone drop was the first art piece I created that inspired me to do something different with my dormant talents. I have worked with Blue Skies for the past few years and saw what they do to really help enrich the lives of so many children in our area. The piece was an original part of the Ripple of Positivity Series and was the only mono-chromatic painting I did in that series. All the other pieces in the series are bold and intense and this one was just pure and plain. It also represented where I was in my own life and the transformation I was feeling. Most often, paintings take on different meaning and purpose for me and this piece was not one of despair and loneliness, but one of reinvention with a clear palette to choose from. All in black and white, with the learned gray areas of life. We find that as we grow and learn to become free and happy, that we are allowed to strip the bleeding colors of others and their emotions that you’ve allowed to squelch your light. No matter what and where you are in life, you have the opportunity to be something better. I was finding this in my own art. Like my mom has always told me, “Bloom where you are planted.” This resonated in the message that Blues Skies teaches with their mission and I knew that when the auction came up, Lone Drop was the one to donate. It’s an amazing feeling to see something you create become a joy and hope to so many others. Sometimes you have to realize that you are the inspiration you create.

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